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Afghan Islamic Centre and Omar Farooq Mosque (AICOM) is a religious and community based organisation providing extensive religious/community services and facilitating space for such services, to the Muslim and wider Australian community in Victoria, especially in the South East of Melbourne, Victoria Australia…


Daily Prayer
Five daily prayers are offered, along with Jumuah Friday congregation prayers, Eid and Ramadan Taraweeh Prayers.

Quran classes for Boys & Girls. Includes Tajweed and memorization Ijazah. Accreditations provided.


Islamic Education

The Imam at AICOM Dr Iftikhar Ahmad runs Quran Tafseer and Fiqh classes from Monday to Thursday after Maghreb Prayers.
In addition, every day after Fajr Prayer in the morning, the Imam Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad reads and discusses Hadith of the beloved Prophet Mohammad peac e and blessing of Allah be upon him.

Funeral services

AICOM can provide and/or facilitate comprehensive funeral services to the Muslims living in Victoria, which includes coroner’s clearance, arrangement of transportation of Jenaza from Coroner/hospital to the morgue (cool room) in the Mosque and then to the cemetery, washing of the body, purchase of a grave, grave-plate, timber, and digging of grave.


The Imam Dr. Iftikhar Ahamd is an official marriage celebrant and can solemnise marriages in Australia.
For further details and fees for the service, please contact Imam Iftikhar Ahmad on his mobile 0490 815 936

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