Afghan Islamic Centre and Omar Farooq Mosque

(AICOM) is a religious and community based organisation providing extensive religious/community services and facilitating space for such services, to the Muslim and wider Australian community in Victoria, especially in the South East of Melbourne, Victoria Australia.


The current Imam at AICOM is Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad, an experienced and qualified Imam, having extensive experience both as an Imam and as an Islamic lecturer.


Contact Imam Iftikhar Ahmad on his mobile 0490 815 936

Imam Iftikhar Ahmad has commenced working officially as an Imam at AICOM since 01 August 2017.
Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad has obtained Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. Additionally, he has completed two Master degrees in Islamic studies from the same University, in addition to completing and obtaining his Bachelor degree in Islamic Studies.
Further, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad has worked as a lecturer, Head of Islamic Faculty, and Dean of Islamic Faculty at various private and public universities in Afghanistan.
In a noticeably short time in Australia, Imam Ifitikhar Ahmad has been able to register himself officially as a Minister of Religion, Marriage Celebrant, as well as, obtaining membership of the Australian National Imam Council and Fatwa Council.
Imam Iftikhar Ahmad constantly strives for the spiritual wellbeing, and betterment of the Muslim and wider Australian community.

Our Mission

To provide, arrange and facilitate religious, social, and welfare services and to provide the space for such services for all Muslims in Australia, especially, but not exclusively to the Afghan Muslim community residing in the South East of Melbourne, Victoria.

Our Vision

To be the leading religious and community organisation, striving for the unity and service of Muslims, especially the Afghan Muslims throughout Australia, especially in Victoria.

Board members

Executive, Management

The executive, management, and administrative affairs of AICOM are run by an executive committee, elected by financial members of AICOM, every three years.

Elected members

  • President: Ahsanullah (Pacha) Noori. Mobile number: 0414 351 733
  • Vice President: Haji Kabir Azadzoi. Mobile number: 0425 711 516
  • Secretary: Hasibullah (Elyas) Naimi. Mobile number: 0422 831 640
  • Office : Abdul Ghaffar Akbar. Mobile: 0409 180 987
  • Treasurer: Wahid Amiri. Mobile number: 0401 972 101
  • Public Relations/Spokesperson: Rokhan Akbar. Mobile number: 0424 158 821
  • Funeral Director: Kabir Azadzoi. Mobile number: 0425 711 516
  • Maintenance: Haji Shahwali Popal. Mobile number: 0405 148 651
  • Government Liaison: Khosha Taniwal. Mobile number: 0433 249 997
  • Executive Member: Dr. Khoshal Mirranay. Mobile number: 0419 008 947

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

AICOM would like your suggestions and feedback to improve our services. We also wish to address any complaints as best we can.

14 Photinia St Doveton VIC 3177

Call Us: (03) 9701 7300